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The Congenital Landscape


Born and raised in Denmark, I grew up surrounded by water. The ocean, lakes and rivers were everywhere I looked. My senses were filled with the smell, sound and the visual impression of water. Water to me represents life and the equanimity and power of nature. Water is where I came from. My fascination with water is never ending. I can sit on the shoreline for hours without taking a single photograph and just take in the sea.

To many my work represents a state of tranquillity, of Zen, of calm but also of drama. I'm often asked if this is who I am, or if my art is a way of escaping from something else. My answer is that this state is something I am celebrating! A state of harmony and balance – a state of equilibrium!

Using long exposures, sometimes hours, I'm capturing a slow-motion sequence of seemingly infinite movements and changes surrounding static objects and letting these elements blend into a single visual plane. It is the graphic representation of the determination and resilience of these static objects against the gentle yet powerful calm of their surroundings that to me signifies the equilibrium.

For me, photography is a visual medium that offers me the opportunity to express the way I see and feel things around me. I don’t take pictures – I make photographs! Some people like them – some don’t! You see what you see!

My work is more or less exclusively black and white and hugely influenced by my environment which throughout my life has been encompassed by water. It is my hope that my love for the intimacy and beauty inherent in the intrinsic landscape that immediately surrounds us, being it urban or rural, is evident in my work.

Steen Doessing 2005

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